Terrarium TV Alternatives – Similar Apps to Watch Movies

Terrarium TV is no doubt one of the best application to stream or even download movies and series from various platforms. It’s simpler user interface makes it very easy to use. But, still after some time one might face problem with the app. This can happen due to update of an application. We have also provided a solution for problem related to update. It might happen that due to some issues our solution does not work for some users. There can also be a time when one might get bored after excessive use of  the application and want to try out some other streaming applications providing almost same features as Terrarium does. So, for users who are facing some issues with the app or want to try out some other applications, we have come up with a list of streaming applications other than Terrarium TV. There are lots of streaming applications available online but there are really few applications which will match the level of Terrarium TV. We did our best to find out these few applications. According to our research we have come up with a list of top 10 streaming applications apart from Terrarium TV.

Check out the list given below.

1. Morpheus TV App
Morpheus TV is also one of the best application where you can stream your favorite movies and shows. It got released recently in the marked and within a short span of time it got very popular. It provides platform for various channels where you can stream your videos. It provides around 700+ channels and depending upon the region you can choose the best out of it to stream your videos. Depending upon the internet connection you get to choose different types of video quality while you are streaming your movies or shows. It has its built in HD video player and you do not have to rely on third party video player application. Like Terrarium TV, all this features provides by Morpheus TV app is completely free. You don’t have to pay for any kind of subscription. But, we must inform you prior to use of this application, it might ask you to pay some amount to get all services completely ad free. But, it is very less as compared to the features it provide. You never get interrupted by ads while streaming in Terrarium TV and that to without paying anything. This is where Terrarium TV application leaves Morpheus TV far behind in the market.

2. CyberFlix TV App
CyberFlix TV app is not one of the best online movie streaming application for Android phones. It is giving very tough competition to Terrarium TV in the marked. It is small in size, hardly around 16-17mb. The user interface is much simpler as compared to other applications. You can not only stream your videos but you can also download and save it in your local storage. You can download or stream your videos with subtitles. CyberFlix TV app has its built HD video player application called CyberPlay. You can choose default video player application or CyberPlay while streaming videos. The search options are great and it comes with lot of other features which proves quite handy while streaming videos. Most importantly, all the features that it provides it totally free. You never have to worry about paying anything for any kind of subscription. In-short, it is very different and much better than any other application mentioned in the list. Download CyberFlix TV APK quickly from the link given below and you yourself will notice the differences I am talking about.

3. Mobdro
Mobdro is an application which continuously looks for various sources for free video streams. For any particular video it constantly looks on the web for video sources and makes it available on your device. It has been released in two versions: Premium and Freemium. Freemium version comes with very limited functionalities, but it is completely free. To have better functionalities like ChromeCast support, Ad free and etc, you will have to pay for it. Once you have installed Freemium version of the Mobdro, you can upgrade it to Premium version. There is an option(Go Premium) in the app using which upgrade it. It is available for Android as well as  iOS and PC. All videos which it makes it available for you according to your search are in HD quality. Depending upon the internet connection it might adjust the resolution automatically, so that the video does not buffers and you get uninterrupted services.

4. Tubi TV
You can find Tubi TV easily on Google Play Store. It is completely free to download. It hosts variety of movies and shows which are very difficult to find elsewhere. The videos  this app houses are suitable for all age groups. You can find categories like kids, cartoons, anime, drama, classic, British series, Korean dramas, comedy, etc. The contents are legal and are loaded very quickly. It is free from ads, malwares and other kind of malicious scripts. It provides support for Xbox, ChromeCast and Smart TV.  You can continue watching your video from where you left during your last session on any device. And all these features are completely free. You don’t have to pay anything for any kind of subscription. It is not only available for Android devices but also for iOS and PC. You can watch your downloaded movies while being offline. This means you do not need continuous internet connection to access this app.

5. UKMovNow
UKMovNow is an application which hosts huge number of movies and shows. It provides you a platform where you can stream your favorite movies. It does not contain large number of Bollywood movies but the variety of other kind of videos are great. The developers keep updating the app from time to time. It notifies you when newly released movies are added to the list. The user interface is very simple which makes it easy to use for any kind of users. The search filters and sort options are also good. All these features provided by this app is completely free. You don’t have to bother about payments for any kind of subscription. Videos are available in HD quality, but it might adjust the resolution depending upon the internet connection.

6. Sony Crackle
Sony Crackle is also available in Google Play Store. It is free to download and you can stream movies and TV shows online. It is a product of Sony Entertainment and hence, you will find out larger number of movies from Sony Pictures. You can stream all these movies without any subscription. It’s not necessary to have continuous internet connection to use this application.  You have downloaded the movies then you can watch your downloaded movies while being offline. Videos are available in HD quality, but depending upon the internet connection you can easily adjust the resolution. The loading time of the videos are really less as compared to the other applications. They are partnered with big productions and hence, you can expect some ads interrupting you while streaming. But the wide range of movies it provides with trust of Sony, you can suley give it a try.

7. Vudu
When it comes to content delivery platform, Vudu has gained immense popularity among users. It is considered to be a right choice for HD streaming. If your device supports Dolby Atmos then it offers crystal clear sound.The user interface is very simple, makes it very simple to access. Movies are of various categories like kids and family, crime & suspense, comedy, action, etc. You will have to register to watch movies but the registration is totally free. You can expect some short ads interrupting you while streaming. It provides you a library with 20,000+ Programs. It supports Chromecasting and 4K resolution.

8. OneBox HD
OneBox HD is another similar streaming app which offers a platform where you can stream your favorite videos. It provides a vast library of movies and TV shows. It offers almost every genres of movies and shows for users in any kind of age group. There are multiple f8 You can stream as well download your movies. There is no need to have continuous internet connection to watch movies. If you have downloaded the movies then you can watch these movies while being offline. The user interface has been kept very simple by developers, so that users of any age group can easily access it. From time to time, developers keep updating the list of movies so that the users do not miss out some latest videos. All this functionalities is totally free. You do not have pay or subscribe for anything in this app. You do not even have to register or create an account to use this app.

9. Popcorn Time
Unlike other applications, Popcorn Time is a bit different application. By itself, it does not host any kind of third party channels where you can stream your movies. It only accepts .torrent file from the user and using the magnet link of the file, it streams that video on your device. Torrent itself has a never ending library of movies and various kinds of videos. You can search your favorite movie on torrent, copy its torrent link, feed it to Popcorn Time application and it will stream or download that movie for you. The loading time of videos is very less as compared to other applications. You can stream these videos using default media player of your device. It provides option to download subtitles for the movie and that too in multiple language. The interface is very elegant and simple. You can bookmark your videos, so that it easily accessible to you whenever you feel like resuming or watching it again. It never asks for any kind of payment or subscription. You don’t have to create an account to use this application.

10. OGYoutube
As the name goes, this application is similar to YouTube when it comes to stream free video contents. The basic interface is same as YouTube . But, when it comes to downloading various movies or videos which are available on YouTube , it is almost same as Popcorn Time. The only difference is, Popcorn Time downloads videos from Torrent Site, whereas, OGYouTube downloads videos from YouTube . You just need to specify the YouTube link of the video which you want to download. You can download these videos in any video quality you want. It is totally free of cost. It is also ad free. There is no need of any root access to this app. Unlike, YouTube , you can play videos in the background. You can sign-in using your google account and sync your data with current account.

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