Terrarium TV For Firestick or Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV or Firestick is one of the most powerful streaming media stick. Terrarium TV now also allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV series on your Amazon Fire TV or Firestick.

To install the app you do not need KODI, you can directly load the latest version of Terrarium TV APK file. For the complete step by step installation guide read the complete article.


To install Terrarium TV app on your Amazon Fire TV you will need Downloader App and MX Player. So following are the steps to setup Terrarium TV app and watch your favorite movies and TV series.

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Step 1: Install Downloader App

  • To install the Downloader App the first thing to do is go to Settings option and press the down arrow on the remote.Go to Settings
  • The Settings tab will have multiple options. You need to look for the ‘Device’ option. Once you find it, click on it to see option list.Select Device
  • Now choose ‘Developer Options’ from the options list that appears on the screen.Developer Options
  • Under ‘Developer Options’ you need to enable ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ option. To do this simply press the select button on your remote. Enabling this option allows us to download and install applications that are unavailable in the Play store using APK files.Change Settings
  • Once this is done press the home button on your remote. This will take us back to the Main menu.Home Page of Fire TV
  • Now we will search for the Downloader App. To do this go to the search bar and type ‘Downloader’.Search Bar
  • Push the down button twice which will highlight ‘Downloader’ app and then press the select button.
  • You will see a download link now to download the ‘Downloader’ app. Select it to start the download to install the app.Install Downloader
  • Once the download is complete you will find the ‘Downloader’ app in the Apps and Games section of Fire TV.Search for Downloader
  • Now once again select ‘Downloader’ app and on the description page, you will see the ‘Open’ option. Just select it to start the app.Open Downloader
  • You are all set for the next steps now. 

Step 2: Install Terrarium TV

  • To download and install Terrarium TV open the ‘Downloader’ app. Go to the search bar of the browser of the interface and press the right arrow of your remote. Now type in “https://terrariumtvappdownloads.com/”.Search for Terrarium TV
  • Now press the ‘Go’ button. You will see on the screen a highlighted link to download Terrarium TV.
  • Click on that link to download and install the latest version of Terrarium TV i.e. present version is 1.9.0Terrarium TV APK
  • On clicking the link you will be prompted by the installation screen. Simply select ‘Next’ option and then ‘Install’ option. This will initiate the installation process.Click NextClick Install
  • Once the installation of Terrarium TV for Firestick is complete, you will be notified with a confirmation screen. Just click the ‘Done’ button for now.Terrarium TV installation
  • Now we don’t need the APK file that we downloaded anymore. So go ahead and delete the APK file. Press the ‘Delete’ button to do the same.Delete the APK file
    Confirm Deletion
  • This will also free up space on your Fire TV. Now, all we need are two more apps: A video player and A codec to run Terrarium TV for Firestick.

Step 3: Install MX Player To Run Terrarium TV 

  • To run Terrarium TV we are now going to install a video player. This app will work alongside Terrarium TV. To download this app, go back to your browser and type ‘google.com’ in the search bar.Open Google
  • Once the page loads type ‘MX player official site’ and press the search button.Search for MX player
  • In the search result, you will see the official website at the top of the list. Click on the top result to go to the ‘MX player’ official site.Open the first link
  • In the navigation bar of the website go to the ‘Download’ option and select it with the help of your remote.Go to download option
  • You will now have a list of download links to choose from. Click on the MX Player 1.8.21 link and the download will start automatically.Choose MX Player
  • Once the download is complete, press the install button to complete the installation of the MX Player.
  • After the installation is complete you will be notified with a confirmation screen. Just click the ‘Done’ button for now.App Installed
  • Go ahead and delete the MX Player APK now to free up space on your device. The final step is to install the Codec.Delete the APK

Step 4: Install Codec for Terrarium TV

  • This is the final step to get your Terrarium TV for Firestick working. To install the Codec just press the down arrow on your remote. On the screen, you will see a list of some Codecs. 
  • Select the ‘NEON Codec 1.8.20’ from the list of Codecs. It is the ARMv7 version.Select the Codec
  • Once you click on the link the download process will start automatically.Download starts
  • After the download is complete you will get a prompt screen that will ask for your permission to update the app. Now just press the ‘Install’ tab to start the installation.Click on Install
  • Once the installation is complete you will get a prompt screen, select the ‘Done’ tab on this screen.Click on Done
  • Go ahead and delete the Codec APK now by pressing the ‘Delete’ button.Delete the apk now
  • Now go back to the Main screen by clicking on the Home button. Go to the Apps and Games list and using the ‘App’ button, move the Terrarium TV tab to the top of the list.

Step 5: Customize Terrarium TV

  • We will now open the Terrarium TV app and customize the app. Select the Terrarium TV app icon to open the app. You will now get a disclaimer pop-up. Just select the ‘Accept’ tab to proceed further.Select the Accept tab
  • Once you accept the disclaimer you will see the Main screen of the Terrarium TV app. There you go! Installation of Terrarium TV for Firestick is complete.
  • Now we will make some custom changes to run the app properly. First, we will set the default video player as MX Player. 
  • To do this go to the top right corner of your screen and select the icon that looks like three dots. Use your right arrow button on the remote to select the icon.Set Terrarium TV as default
  • You will now get a dropdown list of options. From that select the ‘Settings’ option. There will be multiple options in settings.
  • To set your default player go to ‘Choose default video player…’ and set it to MX Player.Choose default video player
  • Next, in the settings, we need to ensure that ‘Force Android TV Mode’ is enabled. This is to stop your video from shrinking down when you play any show. 
  • Go back to the Main screen of the Terrarium TV app, you will find the ‘Star’ icon on the screen. You can use this icon to watch your favorite movies and TV shows that you added.Terrarium TV Firestick
  • Well, here we are now, with a fully customized Terrarium TV for Firestick. This article gives you all the steps in detail to install the app.

Follow these steps and you will have Terrarium TV up and running in no time. Your weekends will not be boring anymore!